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November 04, 2010, Thursday

1/2000s | f5.6 | 18mm | The easy way up and down Snowdon - the Snowdon Mountain Railway, A Majestic Mountain Top Adventure™

I thought meeting Russell Howard at the gym had made my day until I got an urgent call from Alfreak, my non-existent lawyer alerting me of another wholesale plagiarism of Odds&Ends. Despite being outwardly miffed about it, I've always been secretly pleased that people care to copy and paste the entire code of my site and make it their own so I decided to send a gratitude mail to Anthony, the author of the acclaimed octa-logy, Chiller:

Hello Anthony, my man!

I'm extremely pleased to see that you've decided to design your book promo page after this little photoblog of mine. You've totally made my day. For one thing, I could brag that a budding young writer visits my blog and for another, it speaks volume of the relevance of using tables in website building (cascading style sheets are so over-rated!).

It would have been a so much more joyous moment if you had dropped me a short email or a comment, saying you like my site. It sucks finding out through Alfreak (oh, he's my lawyer who surfs around the net to find unauthorised use of my properties. You might know his brother Alfred; you know, the man-servant for the big bat guy) that the look and feel of Odds&Ends is being used on your website for a commercial purpose.

I so hate Al (hate lawyers, fyi) and I would hate myself too if he gives you any trouble. I think what the world needs now is a little love and compassion; that's why I slapped him in the face and asked him to go to hell where all lawyers belong when he suggested litigation (lawyers, and their fancy "L" words). I've even redesigned your page with a pink background and bright red links - adjustments fitting for the theme of your books, I hope.

You have a good day now.


PS: I'm an avid reader; would it be too much to ask for a signed copy of one of your books?

I do think the world needs a bit of love and sharing. So, as from today, any aspiring author, photographer, or actuary is free to rip off the coding and design of Odds&Ends but unless you're okay with some creative inputs from me, make sure you do not link to the cascading style sheet file on my server. A simple "thanks" will go a long way too.

posted at 10:45 PM