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August 07, 2010, Saturday

1/6400s | f3.5 | 18mm | Flying over Afghanistan on the A380.

We have aspirations. As a little boy, I wanted to be a pilot, trasversing the world with haughty air stewardesses in tow. That dream shattered the day I was prescribed a pair of glasses to help with pesky short-sightedness.

In my early teens, as most geeky scrawny kids with little talent in sports had, I found an affinity for computers and thought that I would very much like to be a tech entreprenuer. The dream of starting and selling my e-company burst along with the dot-com bubble.

A few years later, I approached the end of high school and was in dire need of a career plan. By some divine chance, I picked up Rich Dad, Poor Dad during a family trip, which led to a growing interest in investment. Long story short, here I am, working towards qualifying as an actuary in an investment role.

As is apparent, I didn't wake up one day and decide to be an actuary. Boys grow up wanting to become a pilot, astronaut, or GI Joe, definitely not some obscure huh?-inducing title of a job. Everchanging ambitions happen as we ask ourselves who we want to be every now and then.

An aspiration it is, one which involves juggling work, study and life. Flying jumbo jets and everything else would have to wait.

posted at 12:33 PM