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January 20, 2009, Tuesday

1/250s | f4.5 | 18mm | The site of Obama's Inauguration.

Today's the day everyone's been waiting for. Today's the day the world will be a better place. Today's the day I end my hiatus and let the world know that I am not contemplating shutting down this site any time soon because I have filled the pockets of my web hosting provider with enough gold and silver to keep this going until June. A lot could happen by then so one could hope.

That I am not in the midst of a "happy" life is now well known but little understood. My heart and mind are in conflict; my heart is infused with passion but my mind is dulled by the mundanity of it all. My personal finance is as badly weakened as the UK economy, a consequence not of frivolity (watching Cirque du Soleil, the choreographed acrobatics extravaganza is not frivolous) and irresponsibility, but of bad investments, high cash outflow and an almost zilch income for 3 months. That I am not out begging on the streets is only because it's freezing cold and I hate being cold more than I resent being broke.

The challenges that I face are real and aplenty. But America(n readers and those from all over the world), they will be met! I will be riding the waves of uncertainty on a winged unicorn and break through the storm to a clear blue sunshiny sky. I believe that there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with which I could use to pay rent and perhaps a good meal at the local fast food restaurant (McDonald's, please get in touch for product placement).

There, I have taken a leaf out of President Obama's book. I too, can make depressing material into a message of hope, of unicorn and of rainbow. God bless me.

posted at 06:52 PM