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December 31, 2008, Wednesday

1/400s | f3.5 | 18mm | Crossing 3rd Ave on a cloudy afternoon in New York City.

In 2008, the world plunged into a financial crisis, an articulate and competent man was elected to the highest office and I, slowly but surely, am aging. Concomitant with that, I forget: the people who mattered, fleeting moments of emotions, worries, things I wanted, the good and the bad. But I learnt that it's a fact of life that people come and go, that feelings are for now, that adversities seem worse at present than in hindsight, and that wants change along with our everchanging worldview.

And I realized that I had a limited worldview. I wish that I hadn't been brought up in a tropical country, given books and movies depicting the delight of Christmas in North eastern America; I knew it was chilly but nobody told me about the biting cold. I wish that I had been to more fancy restaurants and thus being able to enjoy beautifully prepared food without feeling awkward about not behaving in the right manner. I wish that I hadn't been told, when I was a primary school kid, that Americans say, "Keep the change" all the time because they're bad at math; I think that tipping should not be a must because sometimes the service does not even warrant an extra buck. I wish that I had done my undergraduate in an American university; it would have been a much more fun and a well-rounded experience. And I wish I had been told earlier that life is only limited by imagination and ambition.

In 2009, I will be done with university, start work and be adult-ish. Hope your year would be less about growing up. Happy New Year.

posted at 09:06 PM