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September 17, 2008, Wednesday

1/1250s | f8 | 27mm | Lake Winderemere

Once upon a time, there lived G-ni and Nix who led a wonderful, yet at the same time, woefully empty life. Determined to find the missing piece, they decided to take a trip on a boat many have affectionately christened LDR. LDR was hardly the best choice for such a trip; it was rickety and known to have capsized when the proverbial storm in a teacup brew but it would have to do on such short notice.

With full conviction about what they want, G-ni and Nix set sail merrily across the big Pond. LDR did not offer the best of conveniences, but they learnt to make do and were happy to have each other on this adventure. They took comfort in knowing that they would reach their first port of call soon.

But life on LDR wasn't all jolly and sunshiny. There were times when G-ni and Nix got really seasick. When LDR hit turbulent waters, it seemed inevitable that they would have to abandon ship and risk drifting apart. But they knew they had to work together, using LDR's user manual, to patch the holes and make LDR stronger to weather the storms.

How would G-ni and Nix fare in their seafaring escapade? That would be another bedtime story for another day. Sleep tight.

posted at 02:36 PM