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September 14, 2008, Sunday

1/25s | f7.1 | 36mm | Paddington station
The following was written on the second last day of my placement year.

It's the end of my second last day at the office. I'm sitting on the Aeron chair, swiveling in it as I reminisce about the past one year. From where I'm sitting, I have full view of half of the office; perfect for people-watching. In the normal run of things, I would have preferred a window seat so that I could look out of the window and think but looking at what my colleagues are doing now and then could be quite fun too.

The office is fairly quiet, more so than usual; the biannual exams season for actuaries is here and half of the team is on study leave. The rows of empty desks would have made a nice melancholic shot.

I'll miss coming into this place. I'll miss the morning walk through Paddington station (the architecture is amazing!). I'll miss my desk, which according to my colleagues, used to belong to a senior qualified actuary who suffered from a heart attack and passed away on the spot. I like to think of him as my actuarial angel, guiding me when I'm stumped by rather complicated calculations; more than once, I've received waves of inspiration and know exactly how to proceed to solve said calculations.

The past one year has been a great learning experience. The people I've worked with have taught me so much. And I'm a little more sure about what I would love to do.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple of weeks of holiday before university starts so it's back to envying Vincent Chase's life again; they're finally showing the new season of Entourage after a year!

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