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August 24, 2008, Sunday

1/500s | f4.5 | 82mm | Fire juggler, Nottingham.

Life is a series of worries. I worried about not getting a job but now I worry about not getting my dream job, among other imposing inconveniences that just make me want to retreat to a monastery and live a zen like existence as a monk. I even have a list called Things I worry about; writing them down eases the premonitions I seem to feel quite often.

I was posting a parcel the other day and being a worrywart, I asked the man behind the counter, "How do I claim for lost package if it doesn't arrive?". To quote him verbatim, "It will arrive. Think positive and good things will happen, my friend". A big fan of The Secret apparently.

Thinking positive is a fine idea if you happen to be a fire juggler because one stray negative thought might pave the way to third-degree burns, but I see constant happy thoughts a form of denial. No one wants bad things to happen but should we not expect the worst and think of ways to avoid it even if that makes for a worrisome life? I'm lucky to have a brother who's reading to become a psychiatrist.

posted at 11:52 AM