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June 20, 2008, Friday

1/1250s | f9 | 27mm | The ferry from Redang island to mainland Malaysia.

The only cardio exercise I do is swimming because treadmills, like careers, are evil machines which give you the illusion of progress but get you nowhere. I especially like swimming when the aqua aerobics class is in full swing at one of the lanes. You see, the antics of the class are not only amusing to witness but they generate waves in the pool which reminds me of swimming in the sea. At times, a good selection of Frank Sinatra's songs is used as the soundtrack to the routines. With the waves buffeting my awesome pecs and Sinatra crooning Cheek to Cheek, I imagine myself on one of Malaysia's heavenly islands.

During the weekends, I have a penchant of lying on the grass in my flat's shared gardens and read. I liked reading on a beach but it's just too hot to actually read. I've realised that having a good book and being under a shady tree on a good British summer day are all I need to be happy.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is I miss Malaysia but the grass is indeed greener here. At least for now.

posted at 12:05 AM