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May 28, 2008, Wednesday

1/8000s | f4.5 | cropped | Boy feeding pigeons at the Pantheon, Rome
As part of Odds&Ends' 5th Anniversary, posts in this month will form a zeitgeist of my beliefs.

I was trying to cross the street on my way to work one day when this lady stopped abruptly and started hugging a friend who was crossing from the other side. Her little boy started telling her, in distress, to "never ever stop in the middle of the road!" in what was the cutest British accent since that YouTube video, Charlie Bit Me.

I love how kids say the darnest things. When I have kids of my own, they better say something funny while I have the film rolling or I'll disown them. Yeah, I know I'm going to be such a great dad. Still not convinced? Here's why I think I'll get a World's Best Dad mug for Father's Day:

#1: My kids can skip school
They could if they want to spend more time reading. Love for reading is more important than getting good grades.

#2: My kids can play video games
They could if they choose against watching television. Being a TV-shows addict, I know first-hand that the idiot box does make you dumb.

#3: My kids can have junk food
They could have a tub of popcorn if they sit quietly with daddy to watch his favourite movies from the 90s and 2000s. I'll disown my kids too if they're not movie buffs.

I'm going to manipulate my kids into doing things which I think are good for them. Just like all well-meaning but ultimately misguided parents.

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