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May 18, 2008, Sunday

1/60s | f4.5 | 105mm | Tom Cruise, actor/Scientology advocate, at Madam Tussauds.
As part of Odds&Ends' 5th Anniversary, posts in this month will form a zeitgeist of my beliefs.

People think that I like Tom Cruise because he has the good-looks, fame, a hot wife, and a cute baby daughter. But no, he's my role model because he's like the mad scientist in Back to the Future; people call Doc Brown crazy but who's the one who's got the flying DeLorean? It's only a matter of time before Tom Cruise is vindicated and gets his flying DeLorean which he'll use to travel 75 million years back in time to stop Xenu, the evil alien dictator, from killing his people on Planet Earth, thus delivering us from depression! I want to be a hero just like Tom Cruise was/would be (time-traveling can be confusing). Apart from Tom Cruise, I look up to the following great men:

#1: Bill Gates
Bill Gates is so cool! As could be gleaned from this funny video of Bill's last day at Microsoft, Bill is awesome at Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero is probably the coolest game to be skillful in. I'm so going to get Guitar Hero: On Tour on Nintendo DS Lite and train super hard on it.

#2: Warren Buffett
Rumour has it that Buffett drinks 12 to 15 cans of Coke (his Berkshire Hathaway owns a sizable share of the Coca-Cola company) a day. That proves that Coke not only doesn't kill you prematurely, it makes you an acute investor. See Ma, sugared-water isn't all that bad.

#3: Stephen Colbert
Stephen and I, we think on the same wavelength. He hates Rain; I don't like Rain either because all Korean actors/pop stars are overrated and give girls an unrealistic image of what a boyfriend should be like. He's self-obsessed and I'm quite in love with myself too. He's not a big fan of books but that's probably the only difference between Stephen and me.

I know that saying I have role models the like of Gates, Buffett and Colbert won't make me great like them. So I've decided to take a conscious effort to play more Guitar Hero, drink more Coke and read much much less.

posted at 10:53 PM