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May 10, 2008, Saturday

1/500s | f7.1 | 84mm | Liberal Amsterdam
As part of Odds&Ends' 5th Anniversary, posts in this month will form a zeitgeist of my beliefs.

I think I might be too liberal for my own good. I blame Stephen Colbert and my gut. Stephen Colbert preaches that you should think with your gut since it has more nerve endings than the brain and my gut tells me that anything goes; there's no definite right or wrong, no moral purity or perverseness and there's nothing you can't joke about unless it's in poor taste (jokes involving dead relatives are comedy no-no). Little wonder that I tend to offend people's sensibilities.

Screw sensibilities; the world needs more hippies so that it could truly be a wonderful place. I'm so going to become a Prius-driving vegan.

posted at 11:33 PM