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April 05, 2008, Saturday

1/3200s | f1.8 | 75mm | The office, seen from Paddington Basin.

A little over 6 months into my work placement, I've suddenly realized a few things:

#1: Microsoft Excel can solve most problems in life
With some macro-writing skills, Excel could be the answer to Life, the Universe and everything you need to impress the boss.

#2: Tax is the only certain thing in life
You could cheat death but evading tax as a lowly employee is almost impossible; a chunk of your hard-earned dough will end up in Her Majesty's Royal C**t, one way or another.

#3: The Aeron chair is one of the must-have's in life
My Ikea plastic chair at home gives me tush-ache but the approx. 700 chair at the office is gentle on my butt and back. There would have been a lot of ruined IT equipment if my back were to hurt while Excel VBA keeps refusing to run my macro and demands that I debug the code which I swear is perfect.

#4: "Being busy with work" is the perfect excuse for being too lazy to do the things that really matter in life
Updating one's blog, for instance, among other truly important things.

The placement year has indeed been a great learning experience as can be evinced from the many epiphanies I have had today. It's not bad a life too being a sandwich student (as we are being referred to as); a feather-weight workload and plenty of time after work for movies (at the discounted student price too!). I suspect I'll resent going back to university come September.

posted at 10:58 PM