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September 10, 2005, Saturday

It started as an attempt to take a parody shot of the iPod nano photo on Apple's site. As it turned out, I didn't have the right lighting and was lazy to do Photoshop editing. I'll live with this.

The new iTunes is perfect in every sense except that it comes with Bonjour. In the normal run of things, I wouldn't mind Apple installing, covertly, applications which I do not want. But when Bonjour almost drove me nuts, you can be sure that I wasn't too happy.

There are only two reasons as to why you would be interested in reading on: #1, Bonjour is proving to be a pain in your ass too or #2, you hate me and would love to read about my brush with insanity, hoping in doing so, you might be able to duplicate a similar experience to wreck my nerves. If neither applies, there's really no point in reading further; kindly mosey along to check out the new iPod nano instead; I assume you love me enough to want to get me one of those cool nanos for my birthday.

Now, if you're sure about continuing, let's move on by knowing what Bonjour is without going into a tirade in French. Bonjour is Apple's implementation of Zeroconf (Zero Configuration Networking). Let it be known that when I say that the bloke who came up with Zeroconf is a smart guy, I mean it in a non-sarcastic way despite my hatred for Bonjour. That's because Bonjour has a brilliant premise; it helps connect computers, printers and such without having to manually configure the IP addresses, set up DHCP servers or any of that mumbo jumbo pain in the ass.

Well, at least that's what Bonjour should do. Instead, it messed up my home wireless connection. For some reasons, I couldn't connect to the internet with Bonjour running in the background. After rebooting the wireless router and renewing DHCP for the umpteenth time (because that used to work whenever I couldn't get a connection) and forwarding the UDP port as was advised, it still refused to work. At that point, I felt like wringing Jobs' neck but since I couldn't do that, I disabled Bonjour instead. After all, running "msconfig" and taking Bonjour off the list under "services" was a much simpler affair than learning how to wring-to-kill and breaking into Job's house to actually do the killing move. The best thing was it worked.

As a pat on the back for my brilliance, I decided to treat myself to the latest episode of Starkcast, my current favourite podcast (in part because the host, JimK uses the "f" word a lot but mainly due to the fact that it's not updated too often; I hate having a backlog of podcasts which I haven't had the time to listen to). I booted up the spanking new iTunes to get the downloading starting except that it wouldn't. Hmm, why do I have this sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with disabling Bonjour? Apple stood for user friendly; now it's, well, Bonjour. Au revoir.

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