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August 23, 2005, Tuesday

Over the weekend, I was at a holiday camp for kids as the official photograher. It's no easy work moving around taking shots. The children were an enjoyable company though. Photographed above: Two kids playing with their DIY toy pinwheel.

Kids are so likeable! They say and do the darnest things that make me laugh. They scare the crap out of me too when some smart ass decides to give them leading roles in horror films. I love the one about this child who sees dead people but I don't really fancy movies with ghost-children.

As with many aversions, my dislike for devil-child flicks stems from fear. I don't mind vampires, zombies, demons, cars that came to life but I try to stay away from deformed evil children. The very premise flies in the face of their innocent nature and that gives me the creeps.

The other day, I watched The Maid, a Singaporean horror film released to coincide with the Hungry Ghost Festival. When I go for horror movies, I expect a reasonably logical explaination for all the non-logical events in the film. In that respect, The Maid is average at best. I'm sure I wouldn't spoil the movie for anyone by saying that the girl-raped-killed-back-as-ghost-for-pay-back theme is rather old.

If you could measure how good a horror movie is by how much it makes you want to gouge your eyes out because you're too scared to watch the horror unfolding on the screen, The Maid does redeem itself by featuring this kid- you guessed it- who was killed in an accident while chasing after a ball. He came back and wanted his ball back. Creepy.

You would think filmakers would have enough sense than to resort to using children to shock and scare. It's just low. In the normal run of things, I wouldn't approve of censorship, but they should really think about axing shows which have dead kids coming back to life. And you can be sure that I don't mean "back to life" in a "they live happily ever after" way.

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