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March 11, 2005, Friday

Beautiful morning. First trip on a train. Pictured here are some of my fellow travellers; predominantly Indian as was travelling to Batu Caves for the Thaipusam celebration.

This is a desperate cry for help; I need a favour; a rather big one. Please nominate Odds&Ends for the 2005 Photobloggies Awards. I'll be eternally grateful if you would be kind enough to nomintate this blog under Best South East Asian / Indian Photoblog, Best Writing of a Photoblog , Best Kept Secret Photoblog and Best Photoblog Design.

To nominate, all you have to do is to type my photoblog's address ( into the text field in the aforementioned categories. Please give a valid email address as you would have to validate your nomination (remember to log on to your email account to validate the nomination after submission or it won't be counted). Thanks in advance!

Note that the "thanks in advance" bit above doesn't place you under any obligation to nominate this blog. You're not legally-bound to nominate Odds&Ends. Legitimate reasons to NOT nominate yours truly are as follows:

Reason No.1: "I hate you! I hate your stupid blog!"
Reason No.2: "I don't fancy your photos. Best writing? What writing? Do they have a Best Talking Cock of a Photoblog?"
Reason No.3: "You don't deserve it."
Reason No.4: "You've never left comments on my blog; serves you right for not getting my nomination."
Reason No.5: "Did I mention how sucky your blog is?"

If any of the 5 reasons reflects your sentiment, you don't have to do so much as click on the Photobloggies link. Better yet, do yourself a big favour by stopping your visits to this blog.

If, in the remotest of chance, none of the reasons applies to you (I so love you!), please mosey along to Photobloggies and drop me a nomination. Better yet, please help spread the word; rope in your girlfriend/boyfriend, classmates, parents... anyone to help nominate me. I need as many nominations as possible to beat other photobloggers who enjoy a much bigger visitor base and already have a headstart in getting their readers to nominate them. You have to submit your nomination before March 16 or there goes my chance of being eligible for consideration for any of the awards. Thank you! Now, kindly go forth and nominate me!

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