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November 21, 2004, Sunday
Dear Cammie, it pains me deepy to have to say this: I don't love you anymore. Yes, when I laid eyes on you, it was love at first sight (oh, how could my heart not go aflutter!); your slick figure and bright eyes sealed the deal. But you were more; I appreciate your understanding for my need for (creative) controls. You might not be a fast turn-on, but you always did the job nicely. I thank you for infusing an element of passion into my life and how can I not proffer my gratitude for making Odds&Ends possible. I feel like a jerk for having to do this, but it's time to move on. Meet Nikki.

I know that sounds pretty suggestive; I've to stress that it's merely there for a good laugh. But, that's not to say it's entirely made-up; I want you guys to meet Nikki, my brand new Nikon D70! I'm still very excited about having made the purchase (thanks, Papa!); couldn't have a good night sleep last night what with recurring dreams of my snapping pictures with the new cam.

First impression: She sure is a tough chick; feels really sturdy in my hands. A tad on the heavy side though but looks totally cool. I love the non-existent start-up (turn-on) time; the moment the power switch is flicked, you're ready to shoot. One problem though; this is hardly a point-and-shoot camera; I foresee a long learning curve ahead. The manual and Nikon's Digitutor have been a great help so far.

For apparent reasons, this signifies a new era for Odds&Ends (attempting to sound dramatic). I don't have a clear idea as to what I'm going to do but I'm looking at having daily updates ala Daily Dose of Imagery. That is until I get my lazy arse up and start designing and coding everything from scratch again (doesn't sound terribly like a good idea for the hols).

I've let on the good news, here comes the bad one: my application to this university is "unsuccessful", which is a polite way of saying "Beat it, you're not good enough to step into our hall of learning". Darn, am totally dissapointed. I think it's because of my subjects choice, which isn't exactly my fault since I didn't have a say in the first place. I'm still glad I have offers from other universities though, but it pains me just as deeply as parting with Cammie that I'm rejected by UK's 4th best university.

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