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August 18, 2004, Wednesday

I managed to get my hands on Fahrenheit 9/11 and yes, like everybody else (save for the Bush clan, for obvious reasons), I love the documentary. Fahrenheit 9/11 is like a hate mail written on glossy paper, which is to say, it makes its message felt while doing it in a stylish way, with a nifty soundtrack and all.

Faherenheit is a satirical attack on G W. Bush and characteristic of Michael Moore, the film is funny yet poignant at times. Moore juxtaposes contradicting statements for revelation purposes as well as for added humour. The highlight of the show would have to be Michael Moore giving us an insight on what George W. was thinking moments after getting the news of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center. The interesting choice of melancholic music makes it all the funnier.

The film is not all laughs however. It brings us to Iraq and details the untold story behind the war which the "independant (which is to say, not slanted and definitely not biased) media" conveniently forgot to report. Numerous interviews of soldiers stationed there and their families back home unearth the terrible human cost entailed in the course of what was a gratuitous war. As one congressman interviewed by Moore aptly put it, "They simply got people to believe that there's a real threat out there when in fact there isn't one". Hey, despite the claim by Moore in his book Stupid White Man that Bush is a "functional illiterate", it would appear that he does read on an "adult level". I bet he's a fan of George Orwell's 1984, having gleaned so much of his policy from Big Brother himself. Then again, Bush has buddy Cheney to help think of ways to garner support from the people and to profit from the war.

I reserve my judgement on how true I think the allegations in the film are but I do think Moore has put forth a convincing case against President-probably-not-for-long Bush. You might want to check out the fact sheet just to be sure that what you've watched isn't some propaganda bull. Even if you don't give two hoots as to whether Bush is really a rotten egg as he is made out to be, by all standards, the film is still a must-watch for its cinematic values.

posted at 01:19 PM