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A new day has come
June 01, 2004, Tuesday

The much hyped new layout is here at long last. My best effort so far, the new design is a culmination of your comments and suggestions. The harsh-on-the-eye white backdrop is replaced by the minimalist grey hue and more significantly, I've done away with the Mac OS X look alike menu. You can say that I've finally wised up; looks certainly ain't everything. In place of the cool but hardly practical navigation, is a list of links in the sidebar.

I've been away for far too long; there's so much to keep you abreast of. Now, where shall I begin, oh, let's see... eenie, meenie, miny, moe, shall I start with stuff I did during my one-week hol?

Shrek 2 was so good that I had 2 servings of this cool CG flick. Shrek is certainly beautifully rendered but that's really beside the point; it's the plot and parodies that got me hooked. Parodies; they never fail to have me laughing out loud. Thanks to a friend of mine, I came across Weird Al Yankovic. He's this really brilliant guy who came up with Constipated (a lampooned version of Avril Lavigne's Complicated), Weenie in A Bottle (a hilarious remake of Christina's Aguilera's Genie in A Bottle) and Porn Star (an equally funny rendition of Smash Mouth's All Star), to name a few.

Watched a couple of other films too; Troy, despite the rather rotten reviews, turned out to be quite nice. I finally got round to watching Schindler's List too on DVD. This is a great movie, but I lack the capacity to give it a critical review, but here's a decent one I found.

Now, let's peruse this little While-I-was-Gone list:
+ Nirmala Bonat's case came to light, giving Malaysians a rude shock.
+ STPM top scorers turned away from courses and universities of choice.
+ Star Education failed to include Odds&Ends in Malaysian Student Blogs list.

Nirmala's case suggests that it's high time robotics be taken seriously. Massachusetts based iRobot has made headways with its Roomba floorvac and I don't see why Malaysians, with the right amount of inducement prize, can't do the same by coming up with an equivalent or something better. Now, I envision iMaid, the ultimate dosmetic robot maid that can take all the beating, boiling water included thrown its way by owners with pent-up anger issues. On a serious note though, I'm against employment of "dosmetic help" despite the supposed merits it have. Personally, I see it as a new form of slavery and discrimination.

Deserving students not getting courses of their choice? How fair is that? You can expect the same thing when the JPA scholarship result is announced in a couple of days.

StarEducation did an interesting piece on blogging. Accompanying the article is a little list of Malaysian Student Blog, of which Odds&Ends was excluded. In case no one notices, yours truly is a Malaysian, a student, and a blogger (Note to self: Thousands others fit the criteria but you don't see them whining over not getting into the list).

The new layout is still a work in progress; there are bugs I need to fix. Kindly be patient with me :)

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